Friday, January 27, 2012

Two Weeks Down!

Okay, TWO WEEKS! I am so pumped!
This has been a staple for the last week, and it is delicious! When I first heard 'cabbage soup', I was repulsed...cabbage sounds nasty. I tried it and fell in love!

On this cleanse, we get to add protein back on day 11...
Fish or chicken. I added chicken.

It was THE BEST tasting chicken I had ever eaten! I promise! I am down 14 lbs, and that
much closer to my goal. I am starting the C25K running program on Tuesday to incorporate exercise, and will be doing an exercise video on the opposite days as well.

I will post in a few days the great things that I have been reading in the Bible, as well as some great books that are aiding me at this point in my life! Have a great weekend!

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