Friday, January 6, 2012

Third Time's a Charm?

I have started several blogs over the years, which, in all honesty is totally congruent with my paper journal writing since 5th grade.

That being said, Welcome to my blog (again).

This is a work in progress and I have many ideas for what I want to do here...but again, my track record speaks for itself. When I look over my life, the times when I was most 'on track' or 'with it' or 'together', I was journaling or blogging. My focus was more clear, my decisions more sound. I hope to find that person again, and if you would like, you are invited to take that journey with me.

This won't be a journey for the faint of heart...I will be real here, and my life has been full of ups and downs. How much I share will be up to me of course, but what you read here will be truth. I look forward to getting to know you better as well.


Here is something different I am doing this time around...a linky party! Join in the fun!


  1. YEA!!!!!! I got to be first!!! LOVE YOU!!

  2. Love getting access to your inner-most thought chicka!! This is a great venue for sharing some cool stuff~

    Yo Buddy,


  3. Hi! This is Audrey, I hope to get to know you more in the future. I'm new to the whole blogging gig, But I think I like it.