Friday, February 3, 2012

The End of the Cleanse...

...the beginning of the post cleanse...I was down a total of 15 pounds, so that means just 40 more to go to reach my goal this year!

I am adding things back to my diet that I 'want'...we will see if my body agrees. So far today, I am adding back eggs and cheese. I had an egg omelette with cheese and for lunch I had a bowl of the delicious cabbage soup with cheese and crackers. Feeling pretty good, nothing noticeable as of yet, so all is good!

No coffee or caffeine any more, and I can even do without my pasta and bread cravings...I just miss eggs, cheese and bacon!

Oh, and the exercise never did get a jump start this be remedied ASAP!

The book that I am reading is by Andy Andrews, it is "The Travelers Gift" and "Mastering the Seven Successful Decisions". The bible study that we are doing on Tuesday nights is by Beth Moore, "A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place", and the book that is 'guiding' me in getting my life back on track in every other area of my life is by Donna Partow, "90 Days to living the Proverbs 31 woman". Also, as a side note, I am going to attempt to read "The Abolition of Man" by CS Lewis one more time, and discuss it in a small and elite book club that I am part of by default! :-) Oh, and the book series that I am reading for the umpteenth time for pleasure is by Diana Gabaldon, The Outlander Series. I am currently 1/2 way through book 5!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loving My Job...(and co workers)

Today was a great day, lots of energy, a lot of productivity AND A LOT OF FUN!

The highlight of my day was, after entering the pertinent information into the computer and doing a few of the scans on a brand new practice member...I simply said "That is all for me right now, unless you have any questions, I am going to get the Dr. for you." He replied, "I DO have one more question...Do you date older men?"

Bless his sweet little 67 yr. old heart!

I was ALMOST at a loss for words, but managed to squeak out, "No, I don't, but thanks for asking, that is very flattering!" Patted him on his back while he giggled to himself and out the door I went!

P.S. None of you are holding me accountable for the exercising thing, so .... it's not being done. SHAME ON YOU! ;-)