Friday, January 13, 2012

Day One...January 13th...Friday

Mental note: Must get bigger holed straws...fruit gets stuck in skinny ones.
(Sometimes bigger IS better) hee hee

So, starting my day with a fruit smoothie. 2 cups of frozen Island Fruit Mix, water and a splash of OJ. This is a large canning jar glass, so it is quite a bit of smoothie! I also took my supplements and added the powders...

I should be able to get through today no problem, not leaving the house until after dinner to volunteer at the Walton Arts Center for the Blue Man Group! I am pretty excited about that for sure! I have heard that they are pretty amazing!

I will say that I got into a small skirmish with my eldest son Garrett this morning after he (very sweetly I must add) offered me the rest of his chocolate bar! (Pay no attention to the fact that my son was allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast!) I wrestled him to the ground, tickling him and informing him rather loudly that he was ONLY allowed to offer me fruits and veggies!! He apologized after realizing the 'err' of his ways, and order has been restored to the household!

I pray that you have a GREAT Friday the 13th and live life to the fullest! How do YOU do that, I would love to hear!

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  1. Sarea- Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! SO nice to meet you! Be sure to click the follower button on my sidebar so I can count you as my newest "peep.:) Let me know if it's giving you attitude. I have giveaways all the time and don't want you to miss out!:) Lori How was the Blue Man group??