Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loving My Job...(and co workers)

Today was a great day, lots of energy, a lot of productivity AND A LOT OF FUN!

The highlight of my day was, after entering the pertinent information into the computer and doing a few of the scans on a brand new practice member...I simply said "That is all for me right now, unless you have any questions, I am going to get the Dr. for you." He replied, "I DO have one more question...Do you date older men?"

Bless his sweet little 67 yr. old heart!

I was ALMOST at a loss for words, but managed to squeak out, "No, I don't, but thanks for asking, that is very flattering!" Patted him on his back while he giggled to himself and out the door I went!

P.S. None of you are holding me accountable for the exercising thing, so .... it's not being done. SHAME ON YOU! ;-)

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